What a life Jody Reid has!

I wouldn’t care what type of life Jody Reid and his family have if it weren’t for the fact that he receives an income from American banks to provide appraisal reports and then doesn’t pay the real estate appraiser to provide that report.

Some of you may remember these types of people in elementary school, they robbed you of your lunch money!

See for yourself what Mr. Reid is doing with the money he owes to real estate appraisers who completed reports for his company Got Appraisals in San Ramon, California

There, I’ve said it! Now let’s get on to some of the complaints lodged against Got Appraisals and by extension, CEO Jody Reid aka Joe M. Reid of San Ramon, California.

Read Cindy C.‘s review of Got Appraisals on Yelp

“If you are an appraiser, expect to fight for months to get paid if you get paid at all. You call and it tells you that extension isn’t valid. For every extension. RUN.” Cindy in Minneapolis

Read Diana M.‘s review of Got Appraisals on Yelp

“I am an appraiser and received a request for an appraisal. (out of the blue). They agreed to pay me within 30 days. It’s been 45 days and I am still waiting..they can’t be trusted.” Diane in Washington

Reviews below from the BBB Better Business Bureau in the greater San Francisco area

“I’m an appraiser and have been in the industry 25 years. Like the other appraiser who commented here, I’m also experiencing tremendous difficulty in getting paid. The lender has paid this AMC for OUR work. This AMC is not paying us for the work they ordered. They lie, say, “checks in the mail”….but it isn’t. Getting ready to report them to the appraiser board. If you’re an appraiser DO NOT work for them or you will be working for free!” Linda S.

“It is no wonder that Got Appraisals has not been accredited. I am a State Certified, FHA approved appraiser with over 20 years experience. I was solicited by Got Appraisals to perform appraisals for them due to the high volume at this time. Having not worked with this company before, I took on 2 assignments and completed them both on July 16th and July 27th. I have not received payment and the industry standard as well as my invoice states 30 day terms. I contacted the local office by phone 4 times only to receive voicemail where I left messages regarding payment. No return calls. I emailed the accounting department and was told that they pay invoices 60 days after completion of the assignment. Well I am still awaiting payment. If you are an appraiser, I suggest you don’t work for this company unless you have a pocket full of money and don’t mind waiting (10 weeks for me so far).” D.F.





3 thoughts on “What a life Jody Reid has!”

  1. Just go straight to the lender and file your complaint. Let the lender provide the pressure, 10x more effective then you. Worked for me with Landmark Appraisal Network, got paid immediately.


  2. I have had just about every chicken pluckin excuse from Got and now I am going to take them to small claims court some invoices are now 9 months past due.


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