Get the Skinny on Got Appraisals

I’m a retired journalist who conducted a background about Joe M. Reid aka Jody Reid of Got Appraisals last month due to the fact that several outstanding invoices close to $2,000 are due to my husband for appraisals.
Here is what I learned:
Apparently Mr. Reid enjoys a nice life with his family while stiffing the families of appraisers. According to photographs on his Facebook page he enjoys Suite Box Seats at an Oakland Athletics game, field side seats at a New York Jets game, Golden State Warriors games and cruises. I’m certain these are just some of the luxuries he and his family enjoys while stealing from appraisers.
I’m fairly certain that Jody Reid’s 413 Friends on Facebook don’t know that his company is not paying their debts.  If you are a real estate appraiser who is still waiting to get paid, certainly a message or two could change things up?
UPDATED January 1, 2017
§ 3577. Minimum Standards of Practice for Appraisal Management Companies.(page 21) – see attached document from BREA – this seems to express that withholding payment is a violation of their AMC license with BREA.
(f)(1) No Appraisal Management Company shall improperly influence or attempt to improperly influence the development
of an appraisal report, review or consulting assignment by engaging in, without limitation, any of the following actions:
(A) Withholding or threatening to withhold the timely payment for a contracted appraisal assignment that is completed 
in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and with contractual provisions as agreed
to by the Appraisal Management Company and the appraisal contractor;
The platform, Mercury Network, utilized to connect AMC’s to appraisers is used by Got Appraisals and states in their Terms of Use the following:  If a dispute arises between you and another user of the Site, you release Mercury and its officers, directors, employees and agents from any and all claims arising from or in any way connected to such dispute.  If you are a California resident, you waive California Civil Code section 1542, which says, “A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor.”
One would think that Mercury Network should be notified that Got Appraisals doesn’t pay its appraisers.
Mercury Network contact:  1-800-434-7260
AMR Appraisals, Inc. dba Got Appraisals California Corporation number:  C2654448
Social networks are a very powerful tool for perpetuating information to the world. Sharing, Tweeting and Tagging
Got Appraisals Twitter account:
Got Appraisals / Jody Reid Facebook account:
Joe M. Reid aka Jody Reid email address:  still working on this but suspect it is:
Joe M. Reid unlisted landline phone:   925-875-9774
Joe M. Reid and wife, Allison Reid home address is:  3019 Ascot Drive San Ramon CA 94583 purchased in April 2004 for $984,000
Just one month later in May 2004 Reid formed a California Corporation titled, AMR Appraisals, Inc. dba Got Appraisals
Apparently he had a cool $5800 for his tax bill but couldn’t pay appraisers.
SECURED 2016-225591 – View Bill 1 12/12/2016 $5,847.98 PAID 12/13/2016
SECURED 2016-225591 – View Bill 2 04/10/2017 $5,847.98
You think any of his neighbors realize that he steals from appraisers?
According to searches made on the World Wide Web, there are hundreds of stiffed appraisers out there and that’s just in California.

5 thoughts on “Get the Skinny on Got Appraisals”

    1. Oh and here’s the best part, Jody Reid is a complete fraud. He is not and never has been any type of appraiser in the state of California. I just checked on the state BREA web site.


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